When: July 25-27, 2022 @ 12:00-12:50 PM CT/ 1:00-1:50 PM ET

Where: Your Favorite Zoom location

Price: $22

You've been feeling the nudge. Hearing the whisper Or maybe it's more like a shout at this point. There is something calling you into a new direction in at least one are of your life. Something more.

Maybe it's more...

* Quit your job

* Find love

* Actually have it all in this season of life

* Have more energy

* Achieve more balance

What if you could take the next step towards whatever it is that's calling you?

Join us for this 3-Day journey that will put you on your unique path to more satisfaction, success, peace and joy!

When: September 14 -17, 2022

Where: Will be Announced soon!

Price: $3333

We are currently working out the details of the next retreat. What we do know is that we are creating an adventure that will help you bust through the limitations that have held you back in the past. If you allow yourself to say yes to that feeling or voice telling you that this retreat is exactly what you need, we know that you will step into a whole new version of you on the other side!

 Is your soul calling you to have the courage to say yes to this next part of your journey? To take time away to turn in and tune in to hear your body’s inner wisdom? Because it knows your path. Your mind is likely telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t or can’t do this - the fears, the guilt, the feelings of doubt and overwhelm - BUT deep inside your soul knows you are ready. You were made for more. You were made for this. Sometimes it takes being brave and making yourself a priority.

 It's your time ... 

To listen to your body’s natural wisdom. 

 To draw upon your inherent gifts and superpowers. 

To take the next step, or leap, on your path. 

 To trust. 

To surrender.

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